Theme builder

Here are a few theme options you can use that integrate with popular CSS frameworks (based on Initializr).

  1. Select a framework:
  1. Unzip the download and drop the boilerplate.html file and boilerplate folder into your /layouts/ folder.

  2. Optional: Rename boilerplate.html and the boilerplate folder. Be sure to search & replace references in the HTML for boilerplate to the new folder name.

  3. Under Elefant Admin > Tools > Designer, set the new layout file to be the default.

  4. Edit to add your custom stylings.

What's included

  • boilerplate.html - A pre-built layout template that includes all of the necessary Elefant tags needed for a typical website, as well as your chosen HTML5/CSS framework.
  • boilerplate/css - Stylesheets you can customize to achieve your desired look & feel. See style.css and mobile.css to add your custom styles.
  • boilerplate/js - JavaScript files used in the pre-built layout (Modernizr in the Responsive and HTML5 Boilerplate downloads). Feel free to add your own here as well.
  • boilderplate/pix - Images used in the pre-built layout, including favicon and iPhone/iPad icons.

For new feature requests, additions or corrections, hit us up on the community forum!

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