Refreshingly simple CMS

Elefant provides a modern, minimalist user interface that eliminates clutter and confusion, with a site editor that gets out of your way and is a pleasure to use. You'll notice right away the attention to detail throughout the software.

WYSIWYG for power users

Elefant takes the best WYSIWYG editor in the world, and makes it better through deep integration with your content. With Elefant's dynamic objects plugin, you can embed dozens of types of dynamic content anywhere on your site, things like videos, event calendars, contact forms, social media integration, photo galleries and slideshows, member login, payment buttons, you name it.

Top notch apps

Elefant's high quality apps help you build sites faster, with less work and fewer bugs. Some of our apps include a super easy form builder, a complete e-learning platform, a SaaS-in-a-box builder, analytics, payment processing, search, cloud integration tools, and more.


Open source, white label, your choice. Rebrand Elefant as your custom CMS or
use it to build your next SaaS service or mobile app backend. Elefant is a fast, solid
and business-friendly foundation to build on. We just want to make the best CMS, for everyone.

Built for international users

Elefant is completely multilingual, with excellent built-in language management tools, and now in over a dozen languages!

For developers, by developers

The leanest, fastest PHP CMS, period. Blazing fast MVC routing, database layer, fastest templates, and ultra-low memory footprint. Elefant is a complete and modern PHP framework with great Composer support.

Extensive documentation

Our docs target users of every level, from our end user manual to designer guides, developer tutorials and API references, as well as system administration duties like backups and upgrades. We want to get you up to speed faster.

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