Installing new apps

There are several ways to install apps in Elefant.

For PHP developers, the easiest way will be to use Composer.

For most users, log into your Elefant site as an admin, then go to Tools > Designer > Install App/Theme and paste the link to the app's zip file download. Elefant will attempt to fetch, unzip, verify, and install the app for you.

To manually install a new app, the basic steps are as follows:

  1. Unzip the app into your /apps/ folder.
  2. Look for a conf/config.php in the app and edit as needed.
  3. Log into Elefant and if there's an install routine that needs to run, it should appear in purple in the Tools menu as App Name (click to install)

Note: Always check for a README file in the app for additional steps.

From here, each app may present itself in a number of ways:

  1. Apps can usually be found under the Tools menu.
  2. Apps may expose new options in the Dynamic Objects dialog of the page editor.
  3. The public access point of an app is likely the URL /appname.
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