Configuring app settings

Apps in Elefant have a standard of placing configurations in a conf/config.php file inside the app's folder. This file should be INI-formatted.

For example, here's the configuration file for the wiki app:

; <?php /*


edit_level = admin
;edit_level = member
layout = default


handler = wiki/index
name = Wiki
install = wiki/install
upgrade = wiki/upgrade
version = 0.9-beta

; */ ?>

And here's a longer example, from the blog app:

; <?php /*


; This is the title of your blog index page (/blog).

title = Blog

; This is the layout to use for blog listing pages.

layout = default

; This is the layout to use for the blog post page.

post_layout = default

; This is the service to use for blog comments. Currently
; only facebook is supported. Set it to Off to disable
; comments.

comments = facebook


; Set these to your twitter credentials to have blog posts automatically
; tweeted to your twitter account.

username = """"
password = """"

[Custom Handlers]

; You can override some of the built-in handlers with your own
; by changing them here. You can also disable any of them by setting
; them to Off.

blog/index = blog/index
blog/post = blog/post


handler = blog/admin
name = Blog Posts

; */ ?>
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