Class: MemcacheAPC

Provides a Memcache-compatible wrapper for the PHP APC extension.

This allows you to use APC as a drop-in replacement for Memcache as a cache store in Elefant.

To enable, edit the conf/config.php file and find the [Cache] section. Change the backend value to apc.


public static $key_prefix = ''

Unique per-site key prefix.


public __construct ()

Constructor method

public cache ($key, $timeout, $function)

Emulates MemcacheExt::cache.

public get ($key)

Emulates Memcache::get.

public add ($key, $value, $flag = 0, $expire = false)

Emulates Memcache::add.

public set ($key, $value, $flag = 0, $expire = false)

Emulates Memcache::set.

public replace ($key, $value, $flag = 0, $expire = false)

Emulates Memcache::replace.

public delete ($key)

Emulates Memcache::delete.

public increment ($key, $value = 1)

Emulates Memcache::increment.

public decrement ($key, $value = 1)

Emulates Memcache::decrement.

public flush ()

Emulates Memcache::flush.