Subfolder Proxy

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Type: Utility

Enables sites to run from a subfolder via a lightweight and fast proxy script.

A very small script that augments the Elefant front controller to enable running the CMS inside subfolders of a main site, which is not supported by the Elefant CMS on its own to keep the core as minimal and fast as possible. This provides an alternative that doesn't touch the core at all, and with very minimal impact on performance.

This is a proxy script that enables the Elefant CMS to transparently run inside of a subfolder, since the main CMS and framework are optimized to run in the root of a site. Since Elefant is very performance-oriented, the proxy adds only very minimal overhead, and allows all Elefant apps to continue to work as before with no changes at all, automatically adjusting paths in HTML output, HTTP headers, as well as JS and CSS files.