Admin Toolbar

The admin toolbar will appear overlaid across the top of your website when you are logged in as an admin. The toolbar has three components:

1. The Elefant logo on the left

Elefant Logo

You can click the logo any time to be taken to the homepage of your site.

2. The Elefant admin links

Toolbar Links

While viewing your website:

  • Preview - A link to preview the current page with the toolbar and edit buttons hidden
  • Tools - A list of admin tools available on your site
  • Your username - A link to your user profile
  • Log out - A link to log out of the Elefant admin

While viewing any admin page:

  • Website - Preview is replaced with a link to the last page you visited on your site

3. Upgrade notice

An upgrade notice will display in the middle of the toolbar if updates are available for your site.

Note: Some sites may have this feature disabled.

Keyboard shortcuts

Elefant has a number of shortcuts to make navigating your admin area faster for power users. Here is a screenshot of the shortcut list that's displayed when you press Ctrl + Shift + h:

Keyboard shortcuts

This list is context-dependent, so some options may not be available on all screens, and some apps may add their own shortcuts as well.

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