White labelling the CMS

Creating a white label/custom branded CMS from Elefant is easy. To rebrand Elefant as your own CMS solution, follow these steps:

1. Edit the file conf/product.php to point to your own custom product info. For example, say you wanted to call the CMS Ultra CMS, you would change it to something like this:

; <?php /*

name = Ultra CMS
website = "http://www.ultracms.com/"
logo_login = "/apps/admin/css/admin/ultracms_logo_login.png"
logo_toolbar = "/apps/admin/css/admin/ultracms_logo.png"
stylesheet = "/apps/admin/css/ultracms.css"

; */ ?>

2. Duplicate the apps/admin/css/admin.css stylesheet to apps/admin/css/ultracms.css and make any style changes you want, such as custom colour choices.

3. Duplicate the two logo files (apps/admin/css/admin/elefant_logo.png and apps/admin/css/admin/elefant_logo_login.png) to the ones named in your conf/product.php. Edit the new images in an image editor to replace the Elefant logo with your own custom logo.

That's it. Elefant should be completely rebranded as Ultra CMS and any references to Elefant throughout the system will automatically be updated.

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