Including dynamic content

Dynamic includes can be used to embedded almost any handler into your template, although apps often provide specific handlers that are intended for reuse outside of the app itself, called helpers.

To see a list of handlers that apps have marked as helpers, visit the helpers reference, or run the following command:

./elefant list-helpers

This will output a raw list of handlers.

To see what a given handler does and how to use it, you can use the following command:

$ ./elefant helper-docs <helper>

This will output the documentation found in the first block-level comment in the handler script.

For example, if you run:

$ ./elefant helper-docs blog/tags

This will output:

# Helper: blog/tags

Renders a tag cloud, with more frequently used tags appearing larger.

This helper uses no parameters, so including it in your template is as simple as this:

{! blog/tags !}

The blog/rssviewer helper lists one parameter:

# Helper: blog/rssviewer

Renders the specified RSS feed `url` as a list of links.
Caches the feed for 30 minutes between updates.


- `url`: The URL of the RSS feed to be displayed.

So we know that to use this helper, we need to include the URL like this:

{! blog/rssviewer?url= !}

Common helpers for designers

Here are a few common helpers often used in designing themes:

  • blog/headlines - Embed the latest headlines from your blog
  • blog/postsfeed - Embed your blog into the current page
  • blog/tags - Embed a tag cloud for your blog
  • filemanager/slideshow - Embed a photo slideshow
  • filemanager/video - Embed a video into the current page
  • navigation/breadcrumb - Embed a breadcrumb menu
  • navigation/contextual - Embed a contextual menu
  • navigation/dropmenu - Embed a drop down menu
  • navigation/languages - Embed a language selector
  • navigation/map - Embed a site map
  • navigation/section - Embed a section menu
  • navigation/top - Embed a top-level menu
  • social/video/youtube - Embed a YouTube video into the current page
  • user/sidebar - Embed a user login/profile summary

For a full list of helpers and what they do, visit the helpers reference.

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