Installing apps and themes

Apps are simply folders with a collection of scripts and files in them that live in the apps folder. Similarly, themes are simply folders with templates, stylesheets, and images that live in the layouts folder.

From the web

To install an app or theme from your web browser, log in and go to Tools > Designer > Install App/Theme. From here you can paste the link to a Github repository or zip file, or upload a zip file directly, to have that app or theme installed for you.

Using the Elefant CLI tool

To install an app or theme using Elefant's CLI tool, enter its Github repository link or a link to a zip file of the app. Github shorthand names of the form user/repository are also supported, for example:

./elefant install jbroadway/dbman

Using Composer

To install an app or theme using Composer, use the following commands:

composer require elefant/app-form

Composer will know where to install the package based on its type (app or theme). You can also install 3rd party PHP libraries in the same way, which will be installed in the lib/vendor folder.

Note: Composer may ask you for a version constraint for some packages that are still in beta. Enter dev-master to install these packages.

Click here for a list of available apps and themes on Packagist, Composer's package directory.

Manual installation

You can also install an app or theme simply by placing the app or theme's folder into the appropriate folder in your Elefant installation. There may be additional steps outlined in the provided README file, so be sure to check for that.

One last step

Log into Elefant and if there's an install routine that also needs to be run, it will appear highlighted in the Tools menu as App Name (click to install).

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